Monday, November 17, 2008

F*ck Mormons Sign - Michael Thomas proud owner

The genius and mastermind of this sign is none other than the brilliant Michael Thomas of San Francisco. From the SF article

Michael Thomas: "There are all kinds of assimilationists that are of the opinion that if we're only nicer, then maybe the Mormons and hate groups will come around. That ain't the way it works. Somebody needs to call these guys for what they are doing. I'm angry at their meddling in our affairs. It's particularly ironic about the Mormons doing this, given their past. Polygamy and all that good stuff. Then, they sit there and lay down the gauntlet. Now that they're big and they feel entitled to persecute a group that's weaker."

His sign is full of love and tolerance. It reminds me of a nice spring day filled with roses, sunflowers and fluffy clouds. Michael Thomas is both articulate and compassionate!!

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