Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scott Eckern resigns as Artistic Director of The California Musical Theater

Scott Eckern resigned from his position as artistic director of the California Musical Theater. This all happened after various websites blasted Mr. Eckern for his personal contribution of $1000.00 to Prop 8. I mean how could he spend his own money on something he believed in? That's incredible!! He should ask for permission from the gays next time he needs to go to his local CVS since they believe they should control his wallet.

Marc Shaiman the award winning composer of Hairspray, publicly harassed Scott Eckern for his support of proposition 8. Behold his words-

This weekend, due to it being public record, I learned that a Mr. Scott Eckerd, Artistic Director, California Musical Theatre (where "HAIRSPRAY" was performed last year, one of our first licensed regional theatre productions) donated $1000 towards YES on Prop. 8

Well, I did what I felt I needed to do, I called him right up. "Hi, it’s Marc Shaiman, co-creator of HAIRSPRAY, would you please call me back?" He did. I asked him how a man who makes his life and living working with (and I assume befriending and loving) gay men and women could possibly think we were less entitled to the same basic rights he enjoys. He basically said "it’s not a personal thing against people, it’s my belief regarding the protection of marriage…etc. (I’m paraphrasing his words, but that is the gist of it).

I then told him the idea that money from his salary that was, in a small way, made from a production of HAIRSPRAY had now been put to use to pass this bigoted Proposition truly hurt and sickened me and that no future project of mine would ever play his theater

Shaiman finished this by encouraging everyone to email or contact Eckern and give him a piece of their mind. Wow this Mr. Shaiman is one loving and kind man!! He must feel so good about himself. I mean who wouldn't feel great about forcing a father of three to quit his job. This no on prop 8 movement is such a feel good movement. It just brings a big smile to my face. I mean never mind that straight Christians that supported prop 8 have probably paid to see one of Shaiman's shows. Does that really matter?? I am sure he is fervently trying to find how many patrons of his shows are supporters of prop 8. I'm sure he is very ready and willing to refund all of the dirty money that has come from supporters of prop 8. I only hope that one day I can be as kind, tolerant and respectful as Mr. Shaiman. You are a class act my friend!!

Mr. Shaiman you can email me to find where you can send my refund for purchasing tickets to Hairspray on Broadway, Las Vegas, the dvd and the soundtrack. I'm sure you don't want any of my dirty yes on Prop 8 supporter money!!!

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